About Shé D’Montford

“An artist is a person who can see things that are not apparent to others. It is a spiritual process. Just like the medium glimpses spirit dwelling in another reality, the artist draws attention to a world parallel and congruent with the mundane, useing the artist eye to share beauty and meaning that otherwise goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Shé D’Montford

Shé D’Montford is a working artist and a prolific writer. Shé D’Montford is the owner and Editor-In-Chief of Magick Magazine, the world’s premier periodical for the Pagan & Magickal community. She has worked hard to bring Paganism out of the dark age of ignorance in Australia to having it regonised as another marginalize minority religion by the Attorney General’s Department. The Rev. Dr. D’Montofrd is the only religious Pagan marriage celebrant in Australia today. Most of She’s 20 books and numerous articles are on deeply spiritual topics. Shé’s spirituality has taken her all around the world, not just for work or on personal pilgrimages. Shé has been invited to appear on TV and in movies in Hong Kong, Holland, and in Australia, where she was the most beloved character on channel 7’s smash hit show, “The One.”

So, for Shé, all art is a spiritual experience.

Art as Magick . “When you look at a visual image and it connects immediately with your heart, you’ll have an “Ahh…” moment. That is Art. It is a spiritual experience. Art has been used in connection with magick since the earliest human civilisations. Art tries to depict the intangible and that which defies description. Art is used to show our connection with this planet and other living things & to things beyond life.”

Beginnings. Shé D’Montford began her art career with a a sell out exhibition at the Newcastle University’s Student Union with a showing of 33 works, entitled “Sexual Regret” in 1990. These framed water colour and acrylic paintings on board, were images of female nudes as lovers with their faces turned away from the viewer. Though the showing was a sell-out Shé, who was heavily pregnant with her 2nd child, did not receive one cent from the organisers. Because of this experience, Shé did not pursue a public exhibition of her works, for 25 years. Colleagues and artists in Singapore encouraged Shé to return to the public arena.

In the interim Shé studied architecture and travelled Australia, painting bush scenes and dilapidated farm sheds, which symbolised Australia’s primary industries falling into neglect. Shé was inspired to paint water colour and ink ruins, such as Templars Mill at Orange NSW, and the old Lithgow Foundry in the Blue Mountains, which have gone into private collections.

Shé recently won a prize and commendation for her sculpture of “Pan” in a Gold Coast Arts Centre competition. Shé has been an artist in residence for the Gold Coast Libraries and had 2 of her pieces currently in Magic, Myth and Legend at Gold Coast City’s Robin Gallery and at the Royal Queensland Art Society.

Mystery of mysteries. Shé has one of the most recognisable faces repeatedly painted in history. It is more than a coincidence that The Muse Has Become The Artist, it’s destiny.”

Olivier Henery – (Celebrity Photographer, Singapore Tattler, Milk Photographrie, Gallery Vueprivee, Asia’s Next Top Model)

“Shé is the most comprehensively creative, productive and resourceful person I have met.”

Oberon Zell – (Sculptor, artist, author, creator of the “Millennial Gaia” and the original “Gaia Thesis.”)

“Shé helped me sell my art on the sidewalk out the front of her father’s service stations when she was little. Even as a tot she was fascinated with the whole creative process and showed talent beyond her years…”

Pro Hart

“The way Shé draws and paints indigenous art forms shows how much time she has spent immersed the culture and theology of her local indigenous mobs. Respect.”

Don Nicholson. (South East Qld Indigenous Australian on the Year 2013 and Indigenous Artist.)

If Shé can visualize it she can make it manifest into this material world of forms.” Barrington Vincent Sherman

(Performance Artist and Australian Punk Rock Pioneer)