Lethbridge 20 000 Art Award 2020 Finalist

YAY!!! I made it into the Lethbridge 20 000 Art Award 2020 Finalists – – Please support me by coming to see this exhibition and voting for me!!!
Communication and Dignity

Time. : from 3pm – 9pm & 9pm till sunrise
Metal : Silver
Planet : Moon
The twenty-fourth entity is Naberius. He is a most valiant guardian, and shows in the form of a crane, fluttering about the circle, and when he speaks, it is with a hoarse voice. He educates men in all arts and sciences, but especially in the art of rhetoric. Here restores lost dignities and honours. He governs 19,000 entities. His seal is depicted here.

The Morning of My Son’s Wedding

The view at 5am sunrise on the morning of my son’s wedding 02.20.2020

This was a 15 min sketch in water color pencils of the westward view, towards Mt Lindsay, of the mountains in the rising morning mist. 15 mins later the mist was gone. I did this whilst I was sitting in the spar, having breakfast, on the verandah of the chalet next to the reception centre at O’Reilly’s Rain-forest Retreat, where my son was having his wedding later that day. His bride liked it so I framed it and gave it to them.

– Hope in Isolation – Concept Sketch

Beyond isolation, beyond fear, beyond powerlessness, beyond not being heard, beyond misinformation, there is hope for something new in the future.

Concept sketch : To be a conceptualized, surrealistic self-portrait of the artist, alone in darkness, voiceless, naked and exposed. Surrounded by the indistinct threat of the corona virus in the dark, lifting a ray of hope in the form of a dove. She stands upon the ancient Goetic seal of Shax, the being that brings truth from misinformation.

Oil on canvas and multi-media

Hope in Isolation - concept sketch 2
Concept sketch 2
Concept sketch 1

Jewellery Design – The Art of Making The Sacred Personal

“Jewellery is a piece of Art you wear that connects us personally with the divine.”

Shé D’Montford

“Jewellery is a piece of Art you wear that connects us personally with the divine.”            

Shé D’Montford

The etymology of the word “Precious” con-notates divinity. Likewise “precious” stones and metal have special spiritual significance. They are more than crystalline earths, they are a mysterious symbolic language. They confer the divine into the mundane world of matter whilst holding its value.

The ancient art of amulet design was personalize by the Hermetic priests in ancient Alexandria. A personal sigal was devised and empowered with divine energies and secret symbols and timing.

Designing a piece of Jewellery is not just about making something that is decorative and worth a lot of money – The design should mean something to you. It can as simple as “Three little stones mean “I Love You.”” or it can be an affirmation held forever in the embrace of silver, gold or other more highly precious metals.

Shé D’Montford builds your story, she translates that into the language of precious stones and sets it for you in immortal lustrous gleam that increased in value and power through the passage of time.